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Safety should always come first when performing any maintenance or upkeep. Please study, understand and follow all manufacturer warnings before using Blitz U.S.A. RhinoRamps®

  1. Always read and adhere to manufacturer’s warning labels. Failure to do so may result in injury, property damage, and/or death. If warning label is missing or illegible, please contact Blitz U.S.A. for replacement of label.

  2. Do not exceed rated weight or width capacity of ramps.

  3. Use only on a hard, level surface capable of sustaining the load.
  4. Center load between sides of ramp. Place ramp inclines centered and tight against both wheels for proper alignment. Ramps must be in line with vehicle with wheels straightened and pointing straight ahead.

  5. Use only as a matched pair to support either the front or back end of a vehicle.

  6. Inspect ramps before each use. Do not use if damaged or cracked. Rubber feet should be in place on each ramp and ramp should be cleaned from oil and dirt. Destroy and discard if worn or damaged. If rubber foot is lost, contact Blitz U.S.A. for a replacement.

  7. Ramps are NOT to be used to support both ends of vehicle at once or on one side of vehicle only. Use ramps either on both front wheels or both rear wheels.

  8. Do not use other lifting equipment in conjunction with ramps.

  9. Do not use ramps on slick surfaces.

  10. Do not disconnect brakes, engines, transmission components, drive train, drive shaft, universal joints, or wheels while vehicle is on ramps.

  11. Never accelerate or apply brakes suddenly. Proceed slowly and cautiously. Once the vehicle reaches the top of the ramps, apply brakes to prevent over travel. Breaking while ascending may cause ramps to slide or tip.

  12. Always set emergency brake! Place vehicle in park (or reverse gear for manual transmissions). Chock wheels on ground.

  13. Be sure that both tires are properly positioned on the ramps’ support platform. After ensuring that you and all others are clear of danger in the event the vehicle should fall off ramps, shake vehicle sideways and endways to make sure vehicle is stable.

  14. Check that ramps have not become bent or damaged while loading.

  15. Only attachments and/or adapters supplied by the manufacturer should be used in conjunction with ramps.

Rhino Ramps® - Made in USA

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